Tornado Alley in the Bakery!

Have you ever come home, looked around and though "A natural disaster came through here, I swear!" Looking at our kitchen, that's what I'm thinking! What happened, were we robbed? Nope, just insanely busy! So thank you to all our customer who keep us on our toes, we couldn't be living our dream without you!… Continue reading Tornado Alley in the Bakery!


Our Customers are Amazing!

Looking back at last week, we realize how amazing our customers are! If you came to our Harry Potter Day at the Spokane Valley Farmers Market, thank you! If you came and we were sold out, we're so so sorry. This was our first time doing something like that and we didn't know what to… Continue reading Our Customers are Amazing!


A new year brings new ideas

2019 is finally here! We have officially made it past the 6 month mark for our new business and as we speed ever closer to our first year anniversary, we look to make a name for ourselves! We are one of the few bakeries in the greater Spokane area that offer cake pops on a… Continue reading A new year brings new ideas