Thank you for visiting. Unfortunately, we closed our shop November 13, 2020 and are no longer taking orders of any kind.

PLEASE NOTE: Our shop was located in Spokane Valley, WA

So this is an excerpt from one of our customers emails and we just had to share (with her approval of course!)

I hope it’s not too cheesy, but I wanted to just tell you how excited I am that we got to set this up with you. Here’s my almost-short story about how fortuitous it is… So my fiance and I live in Phoenix but Spokane is our hometown, that’s why we are having the wedding there. We were in Spokane for a visit in July when we randomly stopped for coffee at Shotzy’s and my daughter wanted a cake pop. We saw the huckleberry flavor and all deiced to get some. Seriously, none of us could believe how good they were. Our minds. Were. Blown. Fast forward a few weeks and Austin and I can not figure out what we want for dessert at the wedding. Serious mental block. Then out of the blue we get an email from Rachel responding to a mass request we had sent out for food truck catering info in Spokane. I looked over the info she gave for the kettle corn and the bakery. And I could not believe my eyes. I found THE huckleberry cake pops. I don’t think I have ever texted Austin so fast while I was at work. That was it. Neither of us could believe how it all lined up. And to say that we are excited is an understatement.
That wasn’t as short as I though it would be. Sorry. But I am thrilled to be working with you guys and supporting local business!

Thank you Stephanie for supporting local businesses and the great story!

Stephanie M.